Easy Christmas Centerpieces

Holidays are a pretty big deal in our household, especially Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving I begged my husband to drag out all the Christmas decorations. He did and I sat on the floor going through the boxes as he brought them upstairs and I said, “This is it?!” He responded, “Uh, yeah.” I just couldn’t believe how little we had. But then I remembered how small our condo was and even though last Christmas it felt like we had a bunch of stuff, it was really just a little bit of stuff in a little place. So what did we do?

We went shopping of course! Now, we didn’t go crazy or anything because I want to be sure to take advantage of the after Christmas sales and stock up, but we got enough decor to make it a little more festive in our home. One of my favorite decorations are the Christmas centerpieces I made. I got all of my supplies at Michael’s and it literally took me 5 minutes to make. I need a harder challenge! But look at the outcome. And even Molly approves! Love!

Easy Christmas Centerpieces

Easy Christmas Centerpieces

Easy Christmas Centerpieces Collage

A Math Lesson

Math was never my strongest subject. In fact, I loathe math. However, math has somehow found it’s way into my life… in baking/cooking, in counting with Molly and even in measuring pieces of furniture. Oh yes, this beautiful sectional we got ON MAJOR CLEARANCE will definitely fit in our family room! We measured the family room and then measured the couch. We bought it and I was SO SO SO EXCITED for it to get delivered yesterday.

Guess what?



Seriously, those poor delivery men dealing with a hormonal 30 week preggo crying about her beautiful couch. Who thinks to measure the stairwell? I guess we learned our lesson about getting furniture into a townhouse. I just want to be able to sit on a comfy couch in my family room. Is that so much to ask? (First world problems like whoa).

Anyway, Belfort gave us store credit so we immediately went back after Ben left work last night and after measuring the stairwell… plus googling about how to figure out if a couch will fit through the doorway. Apparently, it’s a common problem. I think someone should develop a website where you can put in all the measurements and a big green YES will appear if it will fit and a big red NO if it doesn’t. That would be super helpful while at the store.

So we measured and measured (and chased Molly all around the damn store) and I swear the inventory on couches that would actually fit was pretty slim. Why are couches so big these days? (fat ass Americans) But we ended up finding a couch and love seat that we really like and they are in a color that I didn’t expect I would ever buy. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on clearance so we had to drop a couple extra hundred bucks, but whatever. Plus, it can’t be delivered for another month. Ugh. BUT we do have a couch and tv in the basement… it’s just not my favorite place in the house right now. Maybe it will give me the motivation to fix that.

Here are our pretty couches! I love the tree print pillows, but I’m not really digging those geometric ones… so I’ll probably donate those and hit up Home Goods for another option. And I want that chair on the left. Maybe in a few months I’ll go back for it. 🙂

Let the Nesting Begin!

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for the nesting phase to kick in and it officially has! Perfect timing, given the fact that I’m (still) surrounded by boxes and want this place to be ready before Baby Boy’s arrival in 9 weeks. EEK! This past weekend we bought a couch for the family room (our old pullout is in the basement for guests). Do you know how frustrating it is to get comfortable in the evenings and watch the Olympics without a couch?! Basically, I just want to go to bed early every night. Luckily we scored a brand new sectional on clearance at Belfort and it’s getting delivered on Wednesday… I can’t imagine waiting 6-8 weeks for a couch.

Now, I’m trying to decide on a rug. Our couch is cream colored (I know, I know…kids, ahhh! but we invested in a protection plan that rocks) and I want to incorporate the colors in the fabric that I used to recover this old lamp. I’m specifically drawn to the orange in that fabric. I don’t know why, because typically orange is one of my least favorite colors… maybe because I don’t look good wearing it. 😉 But for some reason I want it in the rug. So, with a plain-ish cream couch, dark grey walls (those aren’t changing because we’re renting) and dark wood furniture, I want a fun rug and fun throw pillows. Here are some favorites:

Hand-tufted Grey Floral Wool Rug (5' x 8')

Okay, so it’s not colorful, but it’s definitely fun and I could add color with my pillows and curtains.

I think this one might be my favorite because it pulls in the blues… however, some of the reviews say it’s not as bright as depicted in the photo. That would be a bummer.

I found one like this with much more orange and less grey, but Ben didn’t like it, so maybe he’ll go for this one. It seems a little less in-your-face.

Handmade Luna Bold Floral Wool Rug (5' x 7'6)

Too much? I just love all the different colors and who doesn’t love flowers? I have a feeling Ben will nix this one pretty quickly.

Hand-tufted Indo Rust/ Beige Wool Rug (5' x 7')

This one might be TOO orangey for me… and I’m kind of getting a 70s vibe from it. But I thought it mixed things up a little bit.

What will the verdict be? Stay tuned.

Curtains Under Desk

I’m republishing this post because a few people have asked about it… it disappeared from Google when I switched over to the new blog. Boo! But here it is again!

I did it!  I conquered the sewing machine and made curtains for my desk!  All it took was watching a few tutorials on YouTube and reading the manual.  Then my 7th grade home economics classes came flooding back to me and I was on a roll!

Remember my inspiration?  Or maybe I should use the word “Pinsperation” since I found it on Pinterest.  But, then again, I find everything on that site.


I decided that I wanted to tie in the fabric from my lampshade because I loved it so much.  So I waited until The Bean was napping and I laid down my fabric (about 1 yard).  I already had my measurements so I just added 2 inches to the width and 3 inches to the length to account for the hem.  (Remember, I’m making two curtains so technically I added 4 inches to the total width.)  Are you confused yet?


I started measuring away, using a box to keep my lines straight.  Then I cut my fabric.  Next I took the sides of my curtains and folded 1/2 an inch and then another 1/2 inch and pinned and sewed and pinned and sewed.


Follow those same steps for the bottom of the curtain.  Now for the top, where you need to leave space for your rod, do the same 1/2 inch fold but instead of another one you are going to fold 1.5 inches.  This allows room for the rod… remember larger rods require larger holes (get your minds out of the gutter people) so you may need more than 1.5 inches.  I’m just using a spring tension rod.

top of curtain

I need to practice that part a little bit more!  Now put your curtains on your tension rod and voila!  All done:


Here’s a before and after…. notice I moved that large printer and upgraded my desktop screen.  Next on my list is to declutter the shelves and the rest of the desk.  I need more organization in my life.


The curtains are doing a great job of hiding what’s under the desk and they are especially keeping Molly out and away from the trashcan…. well… maybe not.

molly curtains

Paper Towel Holder {Before & After}

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great! We finally (after 2 years of living in this condo) got some stuff hung up on the walls in our bedroom! I will share photos later this week! One thing we hung was such a find and I am so excited about it!

This latest project I’m sharing, however, is yet to be hung… just need to attach some brackets and it will be ready. However, I was too excited about to it wait.

I have no idea when we acquired this paper towel holder. I know it was my mother-in-law’s, but I do not know if Ben brought it with him when he moved up here or if it somehow made its way into the box of things for Molly’s room she gave us back when we were decorating. Either way, it’s been sitting in the closet taking up space.

Well, I have a lot of craft stuff and pretty much no organization to it whatsoever. It’s been driving me bonkers! So one day a light bulb went off and I started putting some craft things on this paper towel holder. I wasn’t a big fan of the natural wood, so I took some of the paint my mother-in-law put in my stocking (she knows me too well) and freshened it up! It now matches our bedspread and I got Ben’s approval to hang it on the wall by my craft table!! YESSS!





Home Show Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I have two (2) tickets to give away to the Home & Remodeling Show at the Dulles Expo January 20-22! YAY! I’m so excited because I LOVE anything having to do with ideas for the home… organizing, renovating, decorating, designing… I love it all! So here are the deets!


The ultimate open house in home remodeling.  Start the year off right at the all new Home & Remodeling Show, a showcase of the latest home trends for 2012.  Hundreds of area experts will be under one roof offering tips and tricks during dynamic stage demonstrations and local business showcases.  Find the resources needed to make the next remodeling, renovation, or decorating project a labor of love that adds value to a home!

Where: Dulles Expo Center
4368 Chantilly Shopping Center
Chantilly, VA 20153

When: Friday, January 20: 10am – 9pm
Saturday, January 21: 9am – 9pm
Sunday, January 22: 10am – 6pm

Adults: $7 (online); $10 (at the door)
Children 6-12 years: $3
5 and under: FREE
(Tickets are valid for one day)

Features: Jason Cameron of DIY’s “Man Caves” and “Desperate Landscapes”
New Products and Services for the New Year featured at exhibitor booths

BUUUUUUUUUUTTTT… you can get FREE tickets here!!!


Here’s how you enter to win:

Leave a comment stating something you wish you could change about your house!

Optional Entries (leave a separate comment for EACH entry you complete):

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*Giveaway ends next Tuesday at midnight*

How To Make a Wine Cork Bulletin Board

It’s guest posting tiiimmmeeee. No?  Doesn’t work like “T-shirt Time” ala DJ Pauly D? Don’t judge me for watching Jersey Shore. You know you sneak it in after the kids are in bed.

Anyway, today’s guest post is from Dawn over at Whispers & Shouts. We met thanks to the blogging world and realized that we live just a few blocks from each other! She has a hilarious blog all about life with twin boys. Calvin and Clark are the cutest 2.5 year old twins that I know and Molly agrees!

Today she’s sharing how she made a bulletin board out of wine corks! My wine cork container is currently overflowing (thanks to my wine dependency enthusiasm), so maybe I should try this out to get rid of some. Although, finding wall space may be a bit more challenging…


Glue guns are one of the best parts of crafts. A gun that makes things stay where you want them to stay? Awesome. Empowering. Hot. This year I tried to be crafty for Christmas gifts. It made me super excited that my twin boys are capable of helping with arts and crafts now, though I use the term helping loosely. They will be three years old in April. The first time I tried to get them to do a craft with me one of them told me he wanted to run away. But I am determined that no child of mine will run from arts and crafts. At least not until he can physically overpower me.

One of the things I made this season was a bulletin board from wine corks. I made it for my sister. She’s in college, and though it’s not something she’ll want to keep forever, I thought it would be cute and possibly useful in her quirky, college-y house. I have been saving corks off and on for a long time and my husband is always asking me to throw them away, but I keep insisting I’ll use them. So, I thought I’d save some space in our small condo by getting rid of them and make a gift that I’d been meaning to make forever. Enter, glue gun!

At first I thought I’d use an old picture frame to glue the corks into, but all the ones I could find were too thin, allowing the corks to stick up from the frame and look weird. I finally found this perfect item in the painting section of Michael’s. It’s an unprimed wooden cradle board and it fit the corks perfectly. I bought two, just in case I ruined one.


I had the boys sit down on the floor and “help” with arranging the corks in the cradle board. I tried different arrangements, but liked the way they looked when they alternated in direction. Since the sizes and shapes of corks vary somewhat, doing a practice layout first is best. The boys liked playing with the corks and I let them arrange them in different ways while I worked on painting the cradle board black with acrylic paint. I didn’t paint the inside because I didn’t want the color contrast to show off any gaps in between corks. (After the paint dries, spray it with a clear gloss glaze. I didn’t do it until after I glued the corks in, which made it more complicated. ) After the boys had had their fill of “making a present for Aunt Bean!” I arranged the corks in the cradle board I hadn’t painted. I was almost ready to load, aim, and fire my glue gun.


Another day, since I can never complete a craft in a single day, I glued the corks one by one into the cradle board. About halfway through the project, a cork slipped out of my hand right after I had covered it in hot glue. I double-clutched the cork with my ninja-fast reflexes, and caught it, allowing the hot glue to sear my flesh. Of course. I caught up on first-aid burn protocol thanks to the handy World Wide Web, as I doused my finger in water and swore at the stupid glue gun.

hotgluing   ouch

A few nights later, after my glue gun and I had ended our staring contest and my finger blister had faded, I finished up the gluing. I had bought a pack of pretty silver and black push-pins and the boys colored some post-its with messages to Aunt Bean and I pinned them to the board. Ta-da! Her idea is to hang it on the wall next to her front door. Since I wrapped her gift and sent it in a hurry, I forgot to figure out a way to hang it on the wall. I planned to affix a little hanging bracket, the kind with the teeth and two tiny nails, which is what she plans to do when she gets back to school. We’ll see how it works.


And that is how I got rid of some corks, made a Christmas gift, and learned to respect the glue gun.


Christmas Décor

If you’re new here you may not know that I live in a small two bedroom condo. I like to complain about it because since I’ve had a small human it has become an extension of Toys ‘R Us rather than the quaint, cozy home it once was. However, it really is a great place to live and I’m thankful to have a roof over my head when so many do not.

Living in a small space means getting creative when decorating for Christmas. Creative, as in totally blocking access to the back door. We don’t use the porch in the winter anyway! Yes, that is the door behind the tree in the below photo:

xmas tree

When you first approach our condo you will see the wreath I made. I didn’t go overboard with the berries and ornaments. I kept it simple (mainly because I didn’t feel like going back to the store for more shit).


Upon entering our condo you will see the entry table (where mail piles up) and our makeshift mantle – it is seriously the ONLY place we can hang stockings. It also ensures we won’t forget them if we’re traveling somewhere for Christmas. They are right in our faces!


Here’s a close up of the ornament basket thingy I made for the table, along with a mini tree for Molly I picked up at Trader Joe’s.


Next up is the couch side table. These boxes were a gift one year that were filled with different candies/popcorn. I can’t remember who they were from, but I decided to keep them! You can also see my mini Redskins stocking that is hanging from the light. (I told you we have limited hanging space!) And those are two wind-up toys that Molly LOVES. She points to the Santa and says “Ho ho ho.” It really is the cutest thing ever. Also, there is my coffee. It is very very important to my everyday existence.


Did I mention we have limited hanging space? Therefore, I don’t have a cute and creative place for Christmas cards. I tried displaying them on the fridge, but Molly kept taking them off and it was getting annoying putting them back up. So I decided to use this basket, which was actually just sitting on the floor waiting to be put to use. So, Molly decided to get stuck in it… hilarious!

From baby seat to card holder!

     drum  ChristmasCards

I LOVE my Christmas Village! Right now we are limited when it comes to expansion, but I can’t wait for one day when I can grow my village.


I will leave you with a few more photos, such as this one where you can see how desperately I need window treatments. I am having a hard time making a decision on that.

xmas village

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a great week gearing up for the big day… don’t stress too much!


Things I’m Pinning: Holiday Edition

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  We drove down to my dad’s in South Carolina and had a ball.  Molly experienced the ocean for the very first time and she LOVED it!  Yesterday, we spent 12 hours on the road, so I’m totally exhausted.

Therefore, I decided to be lazy and post things I’m pinning.  I haven’t had much time recently to get on Pinterest, but I was able to relax on Thanksgiving and get my fix.  I have been pinning everything from crafts to snacks and gifts to décor!

What are y’all pinning these days?  Follow me on Pinterest!


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Thanksgiving Printable

I was trying to come up with a Thanksgiving craft tutorial to give y’all, but I have been so busy that I didn’t realize Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!!  Wow has this year flown by or what?

So, because I love my readers so much, I created this fun printable that you can frame and add to your holiday décor!  It’s my first try at creating a printable so it looks a little childish, but I think it’s cute!  I’m quite proud.  😉


Have a great weekend!  I’ll be back later today to share my very first “I Love My Sponsors!” post!