STATurday Week 4

Okay, I’m a day late — but that’s because when I woke up yesterday morning I completely forgot what day it was and just went along my merry way eating breakfast and drinking coffee. I like to weigh myself before I eat (duh), so I had to wait a day. Here are my stats:



As you can see — not really too much movement. When I hit the Beta phase (which incorporates weights) I will probably see some movement (maybe even gains in my arms from MUSCLES!), but I still have one more week of Alpha. This week is going to be difficult with us traveling to visit family and staying on track with my clean eating. I will, of course, partake in some (okay MUCH) drinking and some yummy treats but I certainly won’t feel guilty and if my stats aren’t that great next week, so be it. Being healthy, to me, is everything in moderation and not feeling like you have to deprive yourself. I’m not competing in any kind of figure competition, so why stress?

The big surprise of my weekend was being able to not only fit into size 4 jeans, but to have them be kind of loose on me! I was out doing some last minute shopping at Target and I walked by the jeans section. I thought, “Hmmm, wonder if these will fit.. my 6s have been feeling pretty loose lately. We’ll see if I can at least get them up.” I was totally shocked that I buttoned them and might have even been able to go down to a 2!! The past 3 years I have fluctuated between sizes 8-12 but more so on the 10-12 range. I was super excited when I reached my size 6 goal because I hadn’t been that size since the year I started dating Ben (2009). But a size 4??? I don’t even think I wore a size 4 in high school. Maybe like a 5 or 7. (remember that store 5, 7, 9?) So I am VERY proud of how far I’ve come and excited and I can cross a goal off my 2014 goal list already!

Moving forward, I really don’t have a goal to wear a size 2 or be a certain weight. I just want to get in the best shape I can be in without feeling like I’m compromising living life or feeling deprived. I want to be a healthy role model for my daughter. I’m so conscious of what she is exposed to. I never ever weigh or measure myself in front of her. I never examine my body in a negative way in front of her . When we talk about working out/making the right food choices we talk about living a healthy life and being strong. I know I can’t shield her from society and the MUST BE SKINNY images we are portrayed, but at least I can steer her in the right direction and educate her.

size 4



  1. Amazing and congratulations! I am working on trying for this…I am currently still in my size 8 jeans…you have motivated me today! I have about six pairs of jeans in the closest waiting for me :)

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