I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

I haven’t updated my stats here on the blog recently so I thought it was about time! As I mentioned in my last post, I purchased my own set of T25 DVDs and am starting the program over to see maximum results. It’s been 1 week and I am actually shocked at my stats from last Saturday to today. Especially because Thanksgiving was this past week. I didn’t watch what I ate on Thanksgiving… I actually had a little bit of everything and 3 glasses of wine, but I didn’t go back for seconds. However, a few hours later I was curled up in the fetal position on the couch trying not to hurl. It’s crazy how your body reacts after you start eating super clean. Enough chit chat, let’s see the numbers. (I’m 5’5″ to give you a little perspective)


Sept 8 – day before I started Round 1 of T25 (Alpha)
Oct 16 – day before I started Round 2 of T25 (Beta)
Nov 23 – day before I started Alpha for the second time
Nov 30 – after 1 week of Alpha


 I measured my chest wrong in the first two columns so I deleted the data.

I am just blown away by changes I have seen in the last week alone! T25 may only be 25 mins a day, but I work my butt off and am a sweaty, red-faced mess when I’m done. I am also drinking Shakeology for lunch every day to maximize my results. I love it and look forward to it, which makes me laugh because I was so skeptical of it in the beginning. I am still eating very clean — it’s just a habit now. However, I haven’t been very good about tracking my calories, but that is mainly because I pretty much eat the same things every day and I know how many calories I’m consuming. I’m trying to get back to tracking though because, for me, it is very crucial to maintaining good habits.

If you are on a weight loss journey keep track of your numbers but also, TAKE PICTURES! You may not want to because you’re uncomfortable, but it is the best way to see a difference — especially if you are feeling like you aren’t making change. Once you look at your photos you will see that all your hard work is paying off! I posted this photo on my Facebook page the other day that just blew my mind.


My goal is to keep you updated each week with my stats! If you need any help PLEASE email me: I can be your FREE Beachbody Coach and/or get you set up with a workout plan that works for your lifestyle and goals. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made!


  1. You look awesome! Congratulations on your success!

  2. Still such an inspiration. If I’m brave maybe I’ll share my stats on the blog every Staturday too. Starting with the fresh go at it, of course. I’m kind of pissed I lost that week during our move. Oh well. Keep moving forward!

    How should we be measuring our chest? Want to make sure I’m soon it right.

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